Anita Harris Art Pottery, "Daffodil" Vase, Small Bright Vase



An attractive Anita Harris "Daffodil" vase. This is a nice posy vase, a good shape for flowers with the narrower opening. 

This is a vase painted in the wonderfully vibrant colours Anita Harris uses. The decoration is entirely hand painted using reactive glazes. I think Anita Harris vases make you feel happy, the colours are just superb. 

This is a new range which has become very popular. As with all Anita Harris pottery several firings are required to achieve the finished result. The red base is applied first, before firing it is actually a powder blue colour. The gold detail is the last paint applied.


This is a new vase.

This is a very shiny vase, difficult to photograph. The white marks are just the light on the vase.


Height  14.5 cm / 5 3/4"